Peridot-TD ACIF

Anterior Cervical Interbody Fusion System

Ideal Combination of Material Properties

  • Combination of the osteo-integrated titanium surface with the bone-like PEEK mechanical properties

  • Spotless titanium surface maximizes bone and implant interaction

  • Less than one-micrometer titanium surface resists delaminating and flaking


  • Less than one-micrometer titanium surface and radiolucent PEEK allow clear assessment of bony fusion

Macro Zoom-in Image

Micro Zoom-in Image

Implants Overview

  • Various shapes: Lordotic, Convex, and Parallel

  • Various Foot prints: 14×12, 17×14, 20×16

  • Various Heights: 5 – 15mm

  • Large window and wide footprint

Instruments Overview

  • Bi-directional Caspar Retractor offering precise instrumentation considered the gold standard in cervical distraction

  • Retractor Pin Guide providing assistance in the placement of the Retractor Pins so that they may be placed as far away from the adjacent segments as possible while ensuring that the Pins will not interfere with the DTS Guide Block

  • Rasp available with and without stopper

  • Trials offering the various shapes and heights

  • Cage inserter having threaded interface with cage for a controlled delivery of the implants

  • All-in-One insertion with the stackable Prase-C Anterior Cervical Plate is available with plate & cage holder

  • Final impactor helping precise spacer positioning